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Posted By Topic: Number of lights per

Jan 26 2018 15:43

I everyone Question My shop has a 200 amp main. I need to hang rows of lights. Each light is 120/240 ok I figure this means I can run 220 to the light then attach another then another in series .Ok on a 30 amp breaker can I run 4 lights with no problem? Using 10/2 wire. Also what would be the max lights I could run in one row? Appreciate your input, I'm a disabled vet that does not want to fry lol thanks

Jan 26 2018 15:55

there are 100 watt lights......

Jan 26 2018 16:18

Sorry running 10/3 with ground lol better 2 hots a neutral and ground

Jan 26 2018 16:52

How longs the run from the dis board to the line of fittings, AWG10 is 6mm fair size to get into a light fitting

Jan 26 2018 16:53

Are you sure you don't mean there 110-240volt range, I dout there 2 phase 240. do you have a link?

Jan 26 2018 18:49

Are you in the USA by any chance?????

Jan 26 2018 18:59

Lakeoutlaw -

Sorry, but we can't comment on how electrical work is done in America.

Jan 26 2018 23:09

Erring on the side of caution. Get help.
Not too sure what you mean connecting two in series? If it's what I think I wouldn't. Might be best to find a local sparky to help you out. If as I suspect you're in the USA not much point asking people the other side of the planet for local regulations.