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Posted By Topic: Pool tingles

Jan 26 2018 18:47

Just wrote a long ass thing and the site dropped it......

Long story short new container pool, customer getting not a static shock but a "continual uncomfortable feeling of shock" off the pool cover and pool water (mulitple people but not me). I have checked everything and so has the pool sparky (I dont trust his work, rough as guts) and got 2.5v from earthed frame to water. I suspect the clorinator as its a metal plate with a voltage on it immersed in the pools salt water.
Any tips on how to diagnose this intermittant fault?

Jan 26 2018 20:22

Why don't you read this topic...

Jan 26 2018 23:56

Your link doesnt work.

Jan 27 2018 10:09

This is the faulty code I just mentioned in the other post. The search box creates faulty URLs. It's a 1 letter typo.

Here is the correct URL

Feb 01 2018 17:04

Thanks for that Doug, and for tyring AlecK.
Looks like driving an earth stake may solve it as my situation is very similar to his.

Feb 01 2018 17:06

Sorry the attempted thanks should go to mf51to1 not AlecK, although AlecK is quite helpful in the other thread.