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Posted By Topic: earth stake driver

Jan 29 2018 16:08

Hi All,

I'm after suggestions for a power driven earth stake driver and wondering what anyone else is using successfully/
I'm thinking along the lines of a demolition hammer with a sleeved bit to accept the rod end.
Would a Hilti/Ramset SDS hammer drill suffice ?
I'm tired of hammering them in and dont have an apprentice.

Jan 29 2018 16:51

I use a full size demolition hammer from the tool shed.
I made an adaptor bit, with a piece of pipe welded onto a cut off chisel bit. But it only lasted for 4-5 earth stakes before the chisel bit metal broke at the welds (the welds didn't break).

So I just put the rod into the end of the tool now. They are designed to take the hardened bits, so a soft steel rod isn't a problem.

Not much peening over on the top of the stake. Drives it in about 30 seconds.

They also have other uses as well...
And they're cheap.

Jan 29 2018 16:53

Thanks Doug - that's exactly the one I was looking at prior to posting the question.
Cheers for the feedback.

Jan 29 2018 16:55

Of course they are heavy. But if like me, you're sick of swinging a sledge hammer and have no apprentice, they are a good option.

Jan 29 2018 17:01

I expect that it must be awkward to start off ..Standing on a small sturdy ladder ? or ?

Jan 29 2018 17:18

As the first 500mm or so is usually reasonably easy, I tap that in with a small (3lb) hammer.

But yes, sometimes it's up the ladder to load the breaker on the top.

There is enough depth in the breaker holder, to hold itself onto the top of the stake without having to take the full weight though.

Jan 29 2018 17:25

here's a photo

Jan 29 2018 17:36

That's the ticket.
going to get me one tomorrow.
Thanks again for the advice.

Jan 29 2018 19:20

I've used ones from here in the past. They have different options depending on the rod being used.

Jan 30 2018 12:19

Canterbury Engineering (Part of Schneider) used to make a very good driver with shanks to suit most types of demolition hammers (Kango etc) I think this was suited to 13mm copper clad rods used by most power utilities and being extensible were often driven very deep. Had a fancy design that chamfered the driven rod end to allow fitting of coupling.

Jan 31 2018 18:15

I have a SDS bit with a welded 13mm chuck on it - works a treat, although here in chch now the ground is so soft you often just have to lean on an earth stake and they go into the ground.

Jan 31 2018 18:51

I've always just used a home-made tool modelled on what farmwers use to drive warratahs. No mis-hits, no need to climb on anything to get started. No electricity required. Only need the hammer for the final bit.