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Posted By Topic: Compiance

Jan 29 2018 22:53

Hi There,
I am looking to set up my own Double Glazing Factory in Christchurch. I have spent 20 years in the UK and are wanting to use some switched isolators and plugs for my 3 phase machines that I have found there. I believe they are made much heavier duty and have more room for connecting wires inside than I have found in the ones available here. they also have a safety feature which prevents rotating the isolator unless the plug is pushed in. My question is if I used them in my factory would they be legal? Could the job be signed off using these? The 16amp, 5 pin, 3 phase isolator has a sticker on it which says IP44, conforms to EN60309 and is CE marked. Its made by ESR part number SI16544. The plug is part number EP16544 also from ESR.
Thankyou in advance Anthony


Jan 30 2018 02:26

Look anything like the ones in this catalog?

Jan 30 2018 05:45

What you have to think about is spares availability, when they get broken and they will, can you afford to have the machine out of service while you wait for the replacement ones to arrive, with the PDL ones every electrical supplier has them on the shelf, do they have your ones on the shelf?

Jan 30 2018 07:38

Thx for the feed back guys. I have 15 machines to power up so cost is also a factor. The switched isolators with interlock and plug are nearly $500 each. The ESR ones I can get are less than 40 pounds from EBAY, for the socket and plug so I could afford to have some spares. In saying that I used this combination setting up a customers factory in the UK over 2 years ago and they have been well up to the job with no problems. The question remains are these compliant in NZ and would I get the job signed off ok?
Cheers Anthony
Cheers Anthony

Jan 30 2018 08:00

Anthony. I don't know where you got the $500 price from. You'd be looking at less than $200 for a 4pin 20A switch socket combination and a plug. Interlocking of the switch is not a requirement in NZ.

Jan 30 2018 08:24

ISO 60309 plugs and sockets are legal in NZ under AS/NZS 3000. However as these fittings are declared high risk articles so will need approval before importing them yourself.

Read more here


Jan 30 2018 08:43

My understanding is that the only socket outlets that are DMRAs & DHRAs are "3112" types. The entire DMRA / DHRA system appears focussed on items that are likely to be used in domestic installations. The definition cited in the Gazette Notices specifically excludes "3123" types. IEC 60309 types are not mentioned.

I'm not sure whether there are any differences between IEC 60309 and EN 60309; but if there are they are likely to be minor.
So I believe there is nothing to prohibit use of the sockets in NZ.

Re the interlock; the purpose is not so much to prevent switching on unless the plug is inserted, more to prevent unplugging without switching off.

Jan 30 2018 08:56

The switch interlocks are a good idea but are liable to damage. I've replaced several where the operator has attempted to forcibly remove the plug while the interlock is engaged (isolator on and machine off). A label should be standard, "Switch interlocked. Switch off before removing plug"

Jan 30 2018 10:55

There is a Voltex branded plugs and sockets compatible with the Schneider branded 56 series quite cheap with a good warranty. Ask your local sparky about them.

Feb 04 2018 22:59

Cant remember the series directly that Mcdonalds use but there are auto switch sockets that are available, which may achieve what you need.

Example link shown

Feb 05 2018 07:49

Marachel= hideously expensive, what about talking to Energy Safety and asking what their position on your choice of outlet and plug