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Posted By Topic: supplying a neighbour with power

Jan 31 2018 19:15

anything to stop a consumer running a sub main across their legal boundary to a neighbours shed?

Jan 31 2018 19:47

Nothing in Electricity Regulations or Act.

Jan 31 2018 20:10

thanks . That will will make for a supply for pump and electric fence cheep, and only one line charge !

Feb 05 2018 21:02

You would think this would be illegal and stupid as there would be no official record of it, and turning off the power that the building is on, you are not actually killing power to the outbuilding building. Im sure this question was raised before and it was stated it was illegal.

Feb 05 2018 21:08

I seem to recall the "illegal element" of supplying power across sections related more to fire regulations .. if a firefighter wanted to isolate an electrical supply, he needed to ensure ALL supply sources were removed before addressing fire issues