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Posted By Topic: mechanical protection for garage cabling

Feb 04 2018 17:33

Hi All,

It' my understanding that any cabling that is within arms reach (3000: 1.4.12, figure 1.1), must be mechanically protected (I cant find the rule that says they have to be mechanically protected, but obviously we dont put bare TPS in places where it can be mechanically damaged), I figured the arms reach rule was what we work to when deciding how far to take the MP.

Is there some kind of exception that allows bare cabling in unlined garages?
Standard practise seems to be conduit up the walls and clipped cables along rafters and trusses.

Most standard domestic garages have a height of 2.2m ish to the bottom of trusses, but generally still have exposed cabling literally within reach.

Is this just a rule that is never enforced and largely ignored, or am I missing something?
Or is clipping along the side of trusses considered to be adequate mechanical protection?
It seems to me that it would be easy to accidentally damage cabling by squishing it against the truss with a bit of timber or something


Feb 04 2018 18:18

you are referring to definitions, you would be best to look at section 3.9 regarding the installation of conductors.