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Posted By Topic: phone outlets

Feb 08 2018 20:26

I have just come back from living in Oz & have just been in a house where a double power outlet had a ph module in the middle. Is this acceptable here. Appreciate some comments

Feb 08 2018 20:54

A phone jack and a socket socket outlet on a common mounting plated is NOT acceptable in NZ or AU.

Feb 10 2018 09:20

Same rule applies for garage door opener on a light switch plate but it is still happening.

Feb 10 2018 11:38

@oldspark, where does it say that??

It comes down to the cable choice i thought, if using cable rated for 240v whats the problem?

Feb 10 2018 11:52

oldspark How many industrial control panels have a mix of 12V, 24V, 230V and 400V equipment and wiring? What is the difference between that and a switch plate? I agree on the phone jack on a common plate with socket outlets not being allowed due to segregation of services and phone cable not being rated for the voltage it is in close proximity with.

Feb 10 2018 12:15

WillJ Feb 10 2018 11:38

Your comment
@oldspark, where does it say that??

My comment
It is in the NZ TCF telephone wiring rules requirement and also in AS/NZS 3112 the standard that covers the design of 230 V socket outlets.

It will also be in the revised AS/NZS 3000:2018 (about to be published soon) when it is finally cited in NZ.

It is a telephone company requirement due to no electrical registration being held by telephone maintenance staff, they con't remove a socket outlet for phone socket or cabling repair or installation purposes.


Feb 10 2018 13:11

Thanks Pluto, but i was referring to the garage door comment, well aware of what you are talking about

Feb 10 2018 15:59

WillJ see for the reason. Essentially the cable terminations behind a standard switch plate don't satisfy any of the three options.

Feb 10 2018 16:04

WillJ Feb 10 2018 13:11

Your comment
but i was referring to the garage door comment, well aware of what you are talking about

My comment
The ELV and segregation requireemnts in 3000 clauses 7.5 and clause apply.

Feb 10 2018 17:37

so all you need to do to comply with is run 1mm twin to your garage door, which then comply with one of the three clauses, which is what i have done for yonkers

Feb 10 2018 18:49

re: industrial control panels, Its not the voltage but the fact the insulation of the cable is rated a 230/415 etc.

Feb 11 2018 07:57

WillJ no. You'd also need to reinstate the insulation properties of the conductors at the termination. Heat shrink over the back of the garage door opener mech would probably satisfy option two.

Feb 11 2018 11:19

Thanks guys I thought that to be the case.

Feb 13 2018 08:21

What about the door service man that needs to remove the switchplate to replace the opening push button, he is now exposed to 230v, or is he expected to call an electrician???

Feb 13 2018 12:11

Yes the door service person would need to either hold a relevant PL, or call in someone who holds one. Opening up an LV switch plate is PEW.

The coming new rule is specific to data / telecoms, it won't prohibit ELV & LV in same enclosure or sharing a switch plate. It's confined to socket outlets, not other accessories, and says: "A low voltage fixed switch or socket-outlet, or its faceplate, shall not incorporate a connecting device for telecommunications, data, television,
radio or other similar wiring systems."

But just because it's "legal" to put the door button on same plate as the light switch (provided the associated requirements are met); doesn't make it a good idea.

Feb 13 2018 17:53

Other legal but not good ideas:

Alcohol ingestion


Feb 14 2018 09:40

So, does this ‘new’ rule now mean that SELV USB charger outlets are now no longer allowed on the same plate as a LV outlet?

Feb 14 2018 12:33

No, there's a Note specifically allowing for them. After all, their "rear end" is LV.

Feb 14 2018 12:41

Good to know coz I’ve put in dozens of them in the past few months.