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Posted By Topic: Need a COC or ESC certificate?

Feb 12 2018 21:26

Hi Everyone, I am doing the apprenticeship for electrician and I am studying the AS/NZS 3000 now. I have done a job with my supervisor today. An electrical cable from switchboard to first power point was damaged by some reason. We have to wire a new electrical cable from switchboard to the first power point, and also we change the rewireable fuse to plugin circuit breaker in the switchboard,we reconnect the first power point. we test the power point, and loop impedance after we finish the job.

Could you guys tell me what is the best way to supply the document to the client after an qualified electrician finish the job like the job above. COC or ESC certificate?

Thanks very much for replying me, and I am looking forward for any feedback.I want to learn more as I can before I get my electrical license.


Feb 12 2018 21:34

From the description, the work is all replacement of fittings; therefore CoC optional, but ESC required

Feb 12 2018 21:50

Hi Aleck,Thanks for replying me, what you think the type of work, additions, alterations or new work?

What an qualified electrician should write on the attachment if need to supply COC for that job? Thanks

Feb 12 2018 22:37

I was always told if you replace any cable whatsoever do a COC, but as you don't need one for low risk, and in the electrical (safety) regulations 2010 clause 6A (1) (b) low risk 'includes relocation or extension of a conductor to facilitate replacement of a fitting' I'm sure AlecK is spot on. But as most are combined ESC/COC anyway, i'll always do one, unless I'm just replacing a fitting like for like. As for what to put, apart from all the obvious ones, tick LOW RISK, ALTERATIONS and PART 2 of AS/NZS 3000. Also if you were involved in the work, he should record your details under NAME OF PERSON(S) SUPERVISED.

Feb 12 2018 23:40

Hi Botie80, thanks for replying me.

Feb 13 2018 17:42

Q: what you think the type of work, additions, alterations or new work?

A: replacement

Your supervisor is filling this form out aye? Could always ask supervisor.