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Posted By Topic: L E D Down lights glowing

Feb 13 2018 08:40

We installed a house lot of Ambius dimmable LED down lights about nine months ago, OK for six months, now the lights glow when off at night, owner says that it seems to be worse when it is raining or windy. Have looked on the Webb and sure lamps have this problem but no one having problem with down lights, any thoughts.

Feb 13 2018 09:49

You probably need to fit one of these to every light.

Feb 13 2018 10:22

I wonder what is inside the load correction device .

Feb 13 2018 11:29

Are they all doing it or just one room ?

Feb 13 2018 19:30

use these for flicker.

Feb 13 2018 22:25

Have a read of this:

Mar 05 2018 20:47

I think you will find the problem lies in the 7th word of your question.