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Posted By Topic: AS/NZS 60079 changes

Feb 20 2018 08:01

I am seeking some clarification as to changes to the explosive atmosphere Standard, Part 14:2017.
It used to be clear that barrier glands should be used on ExD equipment with an internal volume>2L. This is not clearly defined anymore, when should a barrier gland be used instead of a compression gland?
Also, have I interpreted the new document correctly, that non armoured cable can be used in Zone 1 areas, so long as it is unlikely to suffer mechanical damage?


Feb 20 2018 12:22

Why worry until the standard is cited in Regs? (which it is not currently)

Also glands for Exd is in 10.6.2, seems clarified to me.

And check the ZZ Appendix for changes to 9.3.2

Feb 20 2018 13:44

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the appendix, it is a difficult document to make sense of electronically, I hope the ambiguity is sorted before it is cited in the regulations.
I still don\'t see a clear delineation between when to use compression glands or barrier glands, which is provided by the current standard (10.4.2).
I was trying to stay ahead of the changes, but I think I will wait it to be cited, as it obviously needs work.

Feb 20 2018 14:36

Yeah thats how the IEC MOD standards are delivered now so unlikley to change unless enough of a stink is kicked up.

Feb 20 2018 14:43

The gland issue is actually pretty clear.

Apply a) <---vast majority of cases
or for flex apply b)
or for indirect connection apply c)
or for MIMS apply d)
or for equipment with sealing devices apply e)

Feb 22 2018 16:54

A large number of tradespersons say they carry all their standards in phone or tablet so if you have an electronic copy of the standard, An digtal enhacement would be to buy a standards which has extra flags in the text indicating that there are AU/NZS modification to that clause.

Standards AU talk to joint standards committee saying that they helping the standtards users, I have seen little evidence that is happening and unless ALL ASK FOR CHANGES TO BE MADE no changes will occurr.

The message I\'m telling you as standards endusers unless you communicate your dis- pleasure of the current arrangement NOTHING POSITIVE will happen. The committee members number are small, we need your support of 100\'S to make any difference.

BTW the IEC sell a redline copy (not an offical copy by the way becuaes it show old and new on the same page) but does show where the changes since last issue have been made.

So if the IEC do it, why NOT Standards AU and NZ?