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Posted By Topic: Testing authority for WorkSafe standard on EVSE

Feb 22 2018 17:32

WorkSafe has guidelines on electric car chargers safety;

They don\'t provide any suggestion on where we can test a product against the standard to get it certified.

Anybody here is aware of that?


Feb 22 2018 17:40

The same approvals system is used as for any electrical equipment that needs to be certified for use or sale in NZ. See the Worksafe NZ website for papers detailing the process to be used.

The EV guidelines gives the IEC or UL standards to be used for certification purposes.

Feb 25 2018 21:54

Thank you Pluto,
I didn\'t find a clear answer to my question on their website and email. But, I assume that any imported EVSE must have a certification from an accredited testing lab to be sold in NZ. Am I right?
I have contacted one of them (spectrum lab), but they seem to be very expensive, not viable for small businesses.


Mar 01 2018 20:34

Yes; a test crtificate is required. May are done overseas by internationally acredited test houses.

Mar 02 2018 08:45

EV charging equipment is a DMRA, and accordingly an SDoC is required for sale / supply in NZ.
Any SDoC must be based on a test report, because info on where the report can be found must be included on the SDoC.

Mar 02 2018 14:28

Thank you guys for your kind advice