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Posted By Topic: AS/NZS 3000: (d)

Feb 23 2018 06:03

In the 2013 version there were exceptions added not originally in the 2007 version regarding the requirement for the socket outlets to be fixed into position , however in the draft copy it appears the exceptions no longer exist as the draft shows(d) as having been rewritten or have I missed something here?


Feb 23 2018 10:56

My copy of the draft (April 2016) has identical wording to the current standard for this clause. This is the version that was released for public comment. What version are you looking at?

Feb 23 2018 11:18

Not sure what \"draft copy\" you may have seen, as none has been released since the public Comment draft issued April 2016. It did have marginn bars indicating some change to item (d) and it\'s Exception, but in fact no changes had been made at that time - as a simple reading of it would show.

The change made in Amendment 2 (Dec 2012) was to clarify that the issue of accessibility in item (d) applies to the socket, not to the fixed or stationary appliance that plugs into it. At the same time, 1 Exception (just one) was added that switches off the requirement to be secured in position; provided 5 conditions are all met.

That Exception remains in the coming new edition and the 5 conditions that must be satisfied are identical. Item (d) has (still) not been re-written at all.

In fact there have been no changes to any of the requirements of, just some minor editorial tidying up; including
- adding AS/NZS 60884.1 to the Note to (a); and
- changing the 2nd para of (e) into a standalone item.

In the PC Draft, there was a new item relating to sockets near hobs, but that has been moved; because it applies not just to sockets but to all accessories. This new requirement is now at 4.7.3 under cooking appliances.


Feb 24 2018 22:41

Thanks for the replies, The exceptions are not in the draft copy so thought they may have been removed, good to know they will still exist

Feb 25 2018 23:09

I still don\'t know what you\'re looking at that doesn\'t have the exceptions. They\'re definitely in the public draft.