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Posted By Topic: Heated Towel Rail Fitted with Plug

Feb 25 2018 21:49

Hi there, just trying to find out if it is legal to have a towel rail fitted with a standard plug. I have a client who is buying a second hand HTR off trademe and I was going to put in on a PCU. Client now says that the HTR she purchased has a plug and she will plug it into the socket in the bathroom thus \"saving\" the cost of having me to come in and PCU it. AS/NZS 5671 Appendix A1 says that No plug is to be on the power cord, but I guess my question is, is there anything stopping someone legally putting a plug on the cable and plugging a HTR into a switched socket? Was just curious as to why Appendix A1 says \"no plug on cord\". Thanks.

Feb 25 2018 22:15

The answer is in the heading of 5761, but its not your concern. Its the concern of the person Selling the item, and the buyer.

We know that second hand electrical items cannot be offered sale unless they have been tested to 5761 \'In service safety inspection and testing - second hand electrical equipment Prior to sale\', and as such if the towel rail your client bought has a plug on it, then it clearly Hasnt been tested to the required standard, sold illegally, and cant be installed.

Quite simple really.

Feb 26 2018 08:37

Actually not quite so simple.

The only requirement is that the appliance be electrically safe.
It is deemed to be electrically safe if it has been tested, inspected & tagged i.a.w. \"5761\"; but that is not a requirement.
BTW, the tag used i.a.w \"5761\" is not the same as tags used for \"3760\" in-service testing.
So while lacking a tag shows that the item doesn\'t get \"deemed\" safe; it doesn\'t make it illegal to sell. Nor to install.

And despite what \"5761\"\'s checklist says, and the fact that HTRs are normally connected by PCU; there\'s absolutely no rule saying they must be on a PCU, and also no rule forbidding connection by plug.

Fitting a plug to a flex isn\'t PEW, so anyone is allowed to do it - though ESR 90 requires testing after work is done - in this case i.a.w \"5762\".

Mar 01 2018 20:31

A HTR is considered to be an appliance and it illegal to sell an appliance rated up to and including 10 A without a plug being fitted. It is done so the public don\'t need to fit a plug before use (it desceases the number of incorrectly fitted plugs on applicances)

Mar 02 2018 08:35

Luminaires are appliances too. As are waterheaters, mirror heating pads, and many other things that don\'t plug in - including HTRs.
There is absolutely nothing against selling appliances without plugs.

What the rule [ESR 23] actually says is thast an appliance is deemed to be electrically unsafe if it is fitted with the wrong kind of plug (item (e); or with the right kind of plug if it isn\'t rated for SLV (item d).