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Posted By Topic: Electricians making leads

Mar 03 2018 11:50

I\'m wondering how a sparky can make up a lead these days (actually any standard 10 amp or even a caravan lead for instance)and comply with all the regulations now. Seems to me that even if you have all the SDocs for the individual components you would still have to submit the finished lead for testing at a lab to gain an approval. testing and tagging would not be enough to comply

Mar 03 2018 12:06

I guess this is another one of those hard to delineate lines like Installation vs Appliance, or self-use vs contract.

I don\'t even know what names for categorising here ... it\'l be something to do with reselling ...


Mar 03 2018 13:13

Eurotech would you care to elaborate on which rules you think a sparky might struggle to meet?

ESR13 says if we work on (includes construct) fittings and appliances we have to ensure that the result is electrically safe.

ESR26 tells us that testing and tagging to 3760 achieves electrically safe.

But a cord extension set is a DMRA and requires SDOC before being sold. So for me the question is whether holding SDOCs for the individual fittings (plug cable socket) covers the SDOC requirement for the assembly constructed.

Mar 03 2018 13:13

Think you might be over thinking this, by your reasoning we can\'t fit a replacement lead/plug to an appliance with submitting for test to an underwriters lab.

Personally, I wouldn\'t worry too much, so long as the individual components comply, and they are assembled in a compliant manner, and you test and document the results- you should be fine.

Almost every day I find things that don\'t comply with E(S)R\'s, take a walk through tool depts of the green or orange sheds, or placies. Have a close look at dust collectors, Makita and Ryobi are generally fine, other brands however may have a 10Amp plug, a 15Amp outlet and a New South Wales approval number- really!! Another brand will have a rewirable PDL 10Amp plug and a 15Amp outlet, rating plate may say 3400W or it may have a sticker over the 3400W with 2200W on it- really!!!!

And don\'t get me started on the welders, so given the lack of official interest in Appliances for sale, don\'t sweat knocking up a lead.

Mar 03 2018 14:00

Replacing a plug or cord connector is fine as you are repairing a lead which should already have an approval. Leads are now high risk items which means thay need not only SDocs for the components but a test report from a lab. Its all new to me having been making leads for 40 years but I have only just noticed that this change means the end of us sparkies doing that as far as I can tell

Mar 03 2018 16:35

Eurotech cord extension set (aka extension lead) is a declared medium risk article. No lab test required.

Mar 03 2018 17:05

Oh yes, it seems its only the \"supply flexib le cord\" that is high risk. So if we\'re making a lead up we may only need to supply an SDoc with a reference to a test report for the cable itself? Then test and tag to prove its safe?

Mar 03 2018 17:52

On the Worksafe website extension leads aren\'t even shown in the medium risk list, but they were gazetted medium risk 17/3/2016. Its a bit of a nightmare trying to traverse this particular bit of boggy legislation but I am keen to get to the bottom of it and be confident about what I\'m making

Mar 04 2018 08:46

I believe there shouldn\'t be a problem.
If you make up a lead, you\'ll end up selling the exact same three fittings you bought: a plug, a connector, and a bit of flex.
So I reckon ESR 83 is covered.

The work you\'ve done - fitting plug & connector to flex - isn\'t PEW, let alone PEW on an installation. So no certification required.

an SDoC for an ex-factory lead is required because the component parts won\'t necessarily have individual SDoCS.

the whole system is supposed to be about ensuring that what is put into the NZ market is electrically safe; without the govt having to act as gatekeeper / policeman for every item (which would add significant cost).


Mar 04 2018 22:11

Eurotech - you are either reading or thinking too hard.

Why would you send an extension cord, or anything, away to a lab to get tested? That\'s what electricians are for. Surely!