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Posted By Topic: Import solar LED light

Mar 04 2018 23:39

I am planning to import solar LED street lights / security lights from China, no need any wiring works. There are three components, solar panel, Li-ion battery and Led lights. Can you advise what kind of certificate do I need to allow me to sell them in New Zealand? Thanks.

Mar 05 2018 06:56

What voltage will they operate at? What is the wattage of the solar panel(s)?

Mar 05 2018 16:49

There are a few different models.

Solar panel LED light
12W/5V 3W*6
25W/5V 3W*6
40W/13.5V 3W*12
50w 3W*24


Mar 05 2018 16:51

There are a few different models.

Solar panel ---LED light
12W/5V ---3W*6
25W/5V ---3W*6
40W/13.5V--- 3W*12

Just to make it easier to read


Mar 05 2018 21:31

You could ask yourself: are these electrically safe to use?

Or, in a fault situation, would these being electrically unsafe to use?

The fact that they are wireless means the only thing that I can think of that could go wrong is the battery catching fire (if it\'s a cheap/dodgy one).