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Posted By Topic: SDoCs

Mar 05 2018 20:16

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to verify SDoCs? I have typically trusted docs from major wholesalers or suppliers, lighting stores etc, the likes of Ideal, Corys, Lighting Direct etc to hold SDoCs but the more I learn about the legality the more I doubt some of them. Seems no way to verify which would stand up to scrutiny by WorkSafe who have audited and said some fail. I like to be accurate but electricians don\'t generally make good forensic lawyers

Mar 05 2018 20:43

There are plenty of sDoc topics by searching in the search bar so best to have a read there first.

Mar 06 2018 07:39

There\'s an annotated example of an SDOC on the Worksafe site.

The key is \"in good faith\". If the SDOC is rubbish or the product doesn\'t look as though it complies then you couldn\'t claim you were acting in good faith. You\'d have to take other measures to be assured of compliance.

Mar 07 2018 11:40

How to verify SDoCs:
1) does the form comply with ISO/IEC 17050-1 (see examples from WorkSafe or buy the standard)
2) does the testing body exist
3) does the testing body have a record of the test report listed
4) if still in doubt either ask for a copy of the test report (you\'ll probably have to pay for it) or ask Worksafe to follow it up (they at least have the authority to demand a copy, but presumably could still have to pay for it).