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Posted By Topic: Transportable Building or Appliance?

Mar 08 2018 08:57

Hi all, i have a client with a 20\'shipping container converted into toilets, the owner is adamant that this is classed as an appliance, it has been wired with a 10 plug on lead with RCD in lead then looped in and out of 4 batten holder with earth lead from first batten holder to bond steel structure. all flex has been routed out in rear of timber 3x2 for mechanical protection and fixing of batten holders.

Mar 08 2018 09:59

Really it is an connectable installation in terms of ESR 2010 and what have discribed it is questionable if it complies with any ESR 2010 regulation.

The important part is in the supply arrangements to the socket outlet providing the supply to the shipping container, how is electrical safety being delivered?

Mar 08 2018 10:14

i have just checked and we have a 16a cee form caravan plug with inline 30 ma RCD 600mm from plug then up to first batten holder.

Mar 08 2018 13:04

Sounds like they\'ve butchered a caravan lead.

Mar 08 2018 15:25

\"Appliance\" is a defined term; look it up in the Act. This isn\'t one.

Sometimes mobile plant with wheels can be treated as movable equipment, and tested to \"3760\" instead of having a WoEF. But there\'s only ONE valid option for any structure that has people inside.

It\'s a relocatable building, and it has a sort of electrical installation in it, supplied from an external supply; so it meets the definition of \"connectable installation\" (also in the Act). Therefore it should comply with Part 2 and with \'3001\'. But it doesn\'t - and never did.