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Posted By Topic: Apprentice

Mar 08 2018 09:08

Work is quiet and I\'ve been reading threads on this page as a time killer. I\'ve swept the workshop, washed vans, trying to look and genuinely keep busy There\'s literally nothing else to do. As a group of tradesmen, What would you like to see someone in my position do?


Mar 08 2018 11:36

Dont really know what your employer will let you get away with but you could do a few of the past exams if you want to brush up on study abit.

Or if it has been quiet for awhile you could ask your employer for work experience somewhere else for a couple of weeks, when I was an apprentice I asked to go work at a motor rewinds place for two weeks just to see what happened there, came in handy when qualified as I could ring them up with motor questions out on the job and because they knew me were very helpful with tips and things to test.

Wost comes to worst you can always just strip copper from the scrap bin haha

Mar 08 2018 17:52

have a look at the way the jobs are going and see whether you can come up with a more cost effective way, example, those silly hot water kits are $52 trade, a pcu, gland switch, mounting block and flex run in at about half of that, and often you don\'t even need the mouting block,do a hundred of them in a year and that\'s a saving of literally thousands. look at van storage for practicality, i have screwed up a bit of din rail for some fittings, clear and easy to see your stock, and right where you want it instead of fossicking around.
again, if the bins are not right, falling apart, see your wholesaler and they may have surplus parts boxes that may be needed, ask the boss if you can do odd jobs for others, then put your name down at the wholesaler saying available for help.. when i\'m quiet and in a street doing work, i sometimes knock on doors to say i\'m in the area, do you want advice, or a small job done and.....

Mar 08 2018 21:09

Study is definitely a good idea, particularly regulations. Try 3760 for a start. Cant see many bosses to unhappy with that.

Mar 08 2018 22:02

Three posters above have come up with some good suggestions, read & reread Electrical (Safety) Regulations, then branch out into the means of compliance that they cite (Standards)

Getting some work experience with someone who does work not(normally) done by your company, will give you a broader base to work from, and some useful contacts to try when you hit the odd speed bump.


Mar 09 2018 07:44

Cheers fellas, will give these a go.


Mar 09 2018 09:28

Don\'t read all of AS/NZS 3000 until you understand part 1, in particular clauses 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.

If you really understand clause 1.5 well, The reading of part 2 gives some typical methods of complying with the fundmental safety outcomes of part 1 of the Wiring Rules.

Mar 09 2018 09:47

what stage of apprenticeship are you at?

Mar 13 2018 13:28

5 months in now Rarrar

Mar 14 2018 22:36

Ask your boss if he wants you to carry out a stock take of the workshop stock and van stocks?