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Posted By Topic: 20% of NZ house fires - Switchboards and wiring

Mar 09 2018 11:54

I found it interesting anyway.

Mar 09 2018 11:56

plus 17% for Appliances

I wonder if SDocs make any difference?

Mar 09 2018 12:39

Plenty of reason for installing some AFDDs


Mar 09 2018 14:29

Presumably the 11% external sources also covers blazes that jumped the fence.


Mar 09 2018 14:42

Well the Fire Service can\'t find a cause it is ofter put down as an electrical fire.

So treat this report fact with some caution.


Mar 09 2018 15:00

Yes, I can agree on that point for another reason too. I was mildly unimpressed when an acquaintance and his girl decided to fall asleep on our lounge floor with a bar heater on full ... and they managed to kick it over in their sleep. I\'m still not sure how the carpet didn\'t catch fire.

I\'m confident that would have been called an electrical fire. But obviously it wasn\'t due to faulty electrics.


Mar 09 2018 18:40

written by the same people who say alcohol and speed are responsible for all our deaths on the roads


Mar 10 2018 01:16

Lol, I just noticed candles marked as 3%! What!? Who still uses candles for anything more than the occasional five minutes on fully observed cake?


Mar 10 2018 01:19

I can\'t believe candles still have a separate entry even! Can\'t stop laughing ...


Mar 10 2018 05:23

evan H, stoners?

Mar 10 2018 06:43

Didn\'t even notice this at the bottom

Under the law, farm owners/employers must ensure, so far as reasonably practical, that the accommodation they provide for workers is safe and healthy. New buildings mustcomply with the Building Act 2004.
Under the Tenancy Act, landlords must have the right type of smoke alarms installed in the right places in order to meet the regulations that came into force on 1 July 2016.
All new or replacement smoke alarms must be long-life photoelectric smoke alarms with a battery life of at least eight years that meet the required product standards, or a hard-wired smoke alarm system. Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities to keep smoke alarms working.
A landlord who fails to comply with smoke alarm obligations is committing an unlawful act, and may be liable for a penalty of up to $4,000.\"

Mar 10 2018 14:29

Women buy smelly candles and decorative candles all the time, Supermarkets have a a shelf full of different types in the air freshener section.

Mar 10 2018 14:34

No mention off the addition of insulation in the roof space without the circuit protection having been de-rated.