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Posted By Topic: lighting rcd,s

Mar 09 2018 16:01

I am upgrading the lighting circuits in an old villa.The lights are wired inside steel conduits which will be removed and the cables terminated/removed and replaced with new TPS.Do I need to replace the MCB with a rcd? or does it count as a direct replacement and no rcd required?Or is it a new circuit which requires a rcd? It is not an extension so exception 2 will not apply


Mar 09 2018 16:17

It\'s not a new subcircuit so does not apply.
Its either simple replacement (ESC) or replacement-plus-alteration (CoC + ESC); and the clause that does apply is
Neither para of that clause calls for an RCD for lighting, so no need to worry about Exceptions. In fact Exception 2 never applies; nor does the lighting bit of Exception 1. they were (wrongly) carried-over from a previous set of RCD rules.