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Posted By Topic: IC-4 products removed from shelves

Mar 10 2018 05:24

hi folks, hear today that IC-4 rated downlights have been removed from the shelves as they\'re non-compliant in nz????

Mar 10 2018 08:42

ESR 59 requires installation work to comply with 3000: 2007 +A1+A2.
Clause of the Standard restricts recessed luminaires used in residential buildings to 4 classes as specified in 60598.2.2 +AA.
IC-4 is NOT one of those classes that we are allowed to use.

60598.2.2 is the Standard to which recessed luminaires are built; and in 2016 a new version was published, with an Appendix ZZ. That Appendix, like the Amendment A we have used for some years, sets classifications. Some of the classifications have slightly different names, some the same sames; and all have different labels from the labels we\'ve become used to using. Even where the name of the class is the same, there may be differences in the detail of what is required to be given that classification.

but none of the new classifications are compliant for NZ residential, because the clause in \"3000\" specifically requires us to use ONLY luminaires classified under the NZ-only Amendment A.

Up until last month, suppliers could use the old-style labels for the new classes; but the new labelling is required to be used from Feb

So what we are seeing is suppliers have got in new stock that has been classified & labelled under the latest Standard for recessed lights, while we are forbidden from using those new classes in residential.

In reality, in many cases the fittings will be exactly the same; all that\'s changed will be they have now been tested to the new Standard, and labelled accordingly. Where that has happened, all the supplier needs to do is change back to the old labelling. Unless they changed the fitting to get through the test, in which case it may no longer comply with the old classification.

once the new \"3000\" is published (in a few months), and then cited by ESRs (probably late next year); we\'ll be able to use the new classes. Until then, we can\'t; so NZ suppliers will have to find & stock fittings classified & labelled the old way.