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Posted By Topic: Low Voltage DC

Mar 10 2018 16:28

Hello there everyone,

Looking for some pointers as to the relevant standards for a low voltage DC scenario I am looking into.

I have a need to run a DC socket to on outdoor location. Provising 150vDC.

I am struggling to finding anything for low voltage DC. There is some details out there for ELV DC (AS/NZS 3015 for example) but not a fit for my scenario.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Mar 10 2018 19:56

What sort of standard are you looking for? The provisions in the wiring rules apply equally to low voltage DC as they do to low voltage AC. You\'ll need to select fittings that are rated for the operating voltage 150VDC. Depending on the current that could be some big gear.

Mar 11 2018 08:34

You\'re right that there is little guidance readily available. The coming new edition of \"3000\" includes an Appendix covering DC basics

Mar 11 2018 08:45

The current AS/NZS 3000 does provide some guidance see clause; many of the 3000 provisions apply to LV DC supply.

Use DC rated switchgear (use manufacturers instructions for suitablity for use on LV DC) and remember the socket outlet must be differrnt to those used for LV AC supply.

You can\'t use RCDs as no DC rating devices are made but are coming.

Mar 11 2018 12:21

Appreciate the input everyone.

I have spent considerable time researching appropriate gear for this job and yes it\'s is both grunty and expensive but ultimately they are designed for LV DC so that\'s the way it is.

I\'ve trawled through standards for PV arrays, ELV PSUs, and the worksafe guidelines for EV charging as they are or contain DC related systems but at the end of the day, not really appropriate. Doesn\'t really put one\'s mind at ease...hense coming here.

To be honest I am relieved it wasn\'t just my research skills becoming useless. I had come up with the same conclusion but thought I must be mistaken.

Really looking forward to the new appendix for DC!

Thanks again.