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Posted By Topic: TRURIP CABLE - Caravan installation wiring

Mar 10 2018 21:28

Hi all

I\'m assuming some Trurip cable used used to be 230 volt rated? (maybe still can be?)

I have a 70\'s caravan with 230 volt lights wired in what looks like black Trurip. I assume that this was legal at the time and may still remain in place?

I assume the Trurip was installed at manufacture time?


Mar 11 2018 09:11

Trurip cable does NOT have any form of mechanical protection like a TPS cable, so it is unlikely to have complied when the caravan was built.

Hence the grandfather clauses of as/nzs 3000, as/nzs 3001 and ESR 2010 are unable to be used for WoEF purposes.

You need to positively verify the cable type that was used first, and if it was Trurip, the caravan owner may have a problem that will be hard to bring up to as/nzs 3000 and as/nzs 3001 requirements.

Mar 11 2018 10:12

throw a transformer in and convert all the lights to 12 volt, there\'s no shortage of led bulbs out there then if they want you can fit a changoever system and run it off batteries

Mar 11 2018 10:26

You don’t say whether it is the fittings that are wired in trurip or the fixed wiring.
If it just the fittings wired in the trurip that would be ok as the fittings provide the mechanical protection for the very short bits of wiring in them.
If it is the fixed wiring that is trurip then it has never complied.
Confirm the wire type first and then the transformer / led solution might be the best option.

Mar 11 2018 11:19

\"You don’t say whether it is the fittings that are wired in trurip or the fixed wiring.\"

Good spot

I suspect this will be the case (fitting)

The fitting was damaged but did not remove