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Posted By Topic: Raising the overhead NS attachment point

Mar 11 2018 23:22

Changing from open service to NS, and needs to be higher as a platform will be built underneath.

Needs to be raised about 600-800mm above where it is now on the fascia.

Are there brackets readily available? Do the brackets, or where they are attached to the house have to be engineer designed?

Mar 12 2018 02:00

Can’t say I’ve seen brackets for that height bolted to a house. If you had one made you would need to determine if bolting it to the house be ok. I wouldn’t bolt straight to the facia unless some major reinforcement was done. Would putting up a pole be an option? Could be next to the building or even further away and go underground. Perhaps go completely U/G.

Mar 12 2018 19:54

I installed these in Queensland and they are genius items. You can get them up to 1500mm high. Don’t know if you can get the here though. For extra support you have to install a stay wire which is attached to the roof truss or timber in the opposite direction of the over head line.