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Posted By Topic: TESLA wall connector

Mar 12 2018 09:44

I\'m going to install a 32A TESLA wall connector for friends car. Is there any specific things I need to look out for. I\'ve heard contradicting rules in regards to the RCD I must use.
The panel is about 1 meter away and I was considering using a piece of 6mm TPS and protecting it with a 40A RCBO?
Any advice or issues with that?
Should I be using a Type B or A RCD?
It\'s in a domestic house.

Mar 12 2018 09:59

A type B RCD is required.

Mar 12 2018 10:06

Thanks PLUTO - From what I was reading on a previous thread that has to be the way.
I will only have a single phase supply but from reading the thread I may need a 4 pole RCD due to availability. Would I just link the single phase into all 3 poles and the Neutral into the fourth?


Mar 12 2018 11:24

SCADA Mar 12 2018 10:06

I would recommend that you fully comply with the manufacturers instructions,

It is my understanding that 3 pole + N RCD needs to be connected differently when operating on a single phase supply so that the supply to in-built RCD electronics supply is correct.

Mar 12 2018 19:39

[quote]I would recommend that you fully comply with the manufacturers instructions,[/quote]

Tesla manufactures instructions don’t state anything about RCDs, in fact it specifies it to be protected by an MCB. But I take it local regulations over rule MIs.

Mar 12 2018 20:54

SCADA if using the Schneider 4P RCCB there\'s no looping. Phase through pole 1 and neutral through pole N.

Mar 13 2018 07:17

My previous post should have said \"the RCD manufacturers instructions\"

On two 4 pole RCDs I have seen the following applies

1. If 4 pole device is being used on single phase supply, only one phase pole is used for the phase or active connection.

2. The supply connection for the RCD internal electronics supply is connected to one phase pole and this is the pole the incoming phase is connected to.

3. The other internal electronics supply is connected to a second phase pole and this is the pole the incoming neutral is connected to.

This was clearly shown on the circuit diagram on the RCD.

Warning: This was for 2 samples that I have seen and other makers and RCD models may be different so closely check the RCD labelling and the circuit diagram on the RCD being used.

Mar 14 2018 10:40

Cheers everyone. I\'ve ordered 2 Schneider 16752 40A 4-pole 30mA RCD. EXPENSIVE -But its a few tanks of gas and the cost of persons or property is invaluable.

I suppose a socket for a Nissan Leaf needs to be supplied by a type B RCD also?


Mar 14 2018 10:46

Get the Worksafe Guide to electric vehicle charging systems (available free from Worksafe); then you\'ll have all the requirements.

Mar 14 2018 11:02