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Posted By Topic: Advice - fitting nz plugs on chinese appliances.

Mar 26 2018 16:00

So, customer wants 10A nz plugs fitted onto light fittings brought across from China. No paperwork, certainly no sDoc or anything compliance related. Infrared lights used for curing paint in paint and panel shops. Fittings are to be sold online. Customer pleading ignorance. What direction should I be pointing the customer in?

Mar 26 2018 16:06

\' Infrared lights used for curing paint in paint and panel shops\'
Not just a question of new plugs, that comes under the explosive atmospheres regs.
I would not touch it.

Mar 26 2018 17:01

point then to Energy Safety
Or vice versa

Mar 26 2018 18:46

Where do I point them too? the energy safety website is no more, the Worksafe website is a quagmire of nonsense.


Mar 26 2018 21:00

Section 144 of the Act suggests that a complaint could be made to the Board and that this might compel the Registrar to investigate.

Mar 27 2018 08:00

use the \"product appliance complaint form.


Mar 27 2018 09:32

I was once asked to do a similar job by a panel shop supplies company. I did a quick test on one appliance and found that the earth pin on the plug was not connected to the metal frame of the lamps. This was the case on all 20 odd lamps they had. Looking through the vents in the casing you could see that the screw for fixing the earth was too long for the groove in the extrusion, this coupled with the fact that the anodising was still in place at this point resulted in very poor earth readings if any. When notified of this the supplier mentioned they had sold some already having changed the plugs themselves!

Mar 28 2018 05:25


use the \"product appliance complaint form.\"

Always worth a crack, but generally a waste of time filling this in. The form is totally orientated to a \"consumer\" purchase, not a concerned (and informed) trade compliant.

You will need to fill all fields in, and be able to provide proof of purchase (kinda impossible if you\'ve come across it after being asked to test & tag gear, or \"repair\" items (photos also required).

Easier to say, \"I believe this product doesn\'t comply with NZ requirements\" and advise them to contact Energy Safe. This was the route that I took when asked by the owner of the water bottling plant that has acquired the old Kaputone Wool Scour site in ChCh to test & tag their \"equipment\"