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Posted By Topic: Installation Tester Purchase Advice

Mar 28 2018 13:32

I need to buy an installation Tester.

Best Value for Money



Mar 28 2018 20:28

What test functions do you need?

Mar 29 2018 14:02

Installation or did you mean insulation resistance tester? There is already a recent thread running about multi-function test equipment.

Mar 29 2018 15:15

There\'s Clipsal Spark-e-mate, Megger, Metrel, Kew/Koritsu, Fluke and maybe others.
Prices range from around $1000 to $4000+ maybe?

Depends what features you want to pay for. And whether you want a dumbed down \"push one button\" and get a pass/fail, or if you want to go for full manual testing.

By best value for money do you mean cheapest, or the one that will last many years, so the total cost of ownership is less per year?


Mar 29 2018 18:27

An insulation resistance tester, a pair of Duspols, a clip on ammeter and multimeter and an RCD tester (or a combined multifunction tester) ticks off most of the tests for testing an installation.

Mar 29 2018 22:53

Don’t forget something to do EFLI tests.

Mar 31 2018 22:03

Which can be done Without the need for an overpriced piece of kit..

Apr 01 2018 08:50

There is a lot to be said for having several testers for all of the tests required, if one fails you are not completely stopped from doing testing.

Mutlifunction testers can be some complex that many are not able to do testing required correctly. This is an observation made during compentency courses.

Apr 01 2018 14:16

Pluto makes a good point. Whatever tester or combination of testers you have, you need to get them out and use them regularly. Keep the quick reference card with the tester and don\'t be too proud to refer to it if you\'re ever unsure.

Apr 04 2018 12:20

Both Megger and Fluke IMO have the best installation/multi-function testers.
The 16xx series Fluke is probably slightly better than the Megger, based on ease of use and the case is really good. I believe the newer Flukes have the case designed to leave the leads in the meter.

I have a seperate Megger MIT310 (IR/R tester) and LRCD220 to do my testing. I guess it has its pro and cons of 2 meters. But I do find fault finding/IR testing easy with the smaller MIT310. As I think someone mentioned above.

Apr 05 2018 15:01

I imported a Fluke 1662 from the UK a couple of years ago. It was a bit of a risk, but much cheaper than buying the same unit in NZ. At the same time I purchased a Fluke combo kit which included a Fluke 115 DMM, 325 Clamp meter, and a Non contact voltage tester. I\'m happy with my purchase. Fluke is easy to use. I had to cut the UK plug off the test lead and put a NZ 3 pin plug so I could do my EFLI tests and RCD trip tests live. From memory, I paid around $1500nzd all up (which included import duty tax) and took about a month to arrive.

Apr 08 2018 10:39

Buy a fluke mft from and have it shipped over with youshop. Plently of calibrated second hand units for around the $600 mark. (Got mine as a bare unit for $400)

The slightly more expensive flukes have phase rotation depends on what your gig is, but handy if your commercial / industrial

Apr 08 2018 10:54

As I said earlier Fluke are currently running a promotion on all their range. I bought my 1652C for $1550 in a similar promotion a couple of years back through Radcliffes. If you buy it through a local retailer and it fails you can at least give it them back and get a replacement there and then without having to send it away and wait weeks wondering what is going on and weather it will get fixed or replaced. I also have a Kyoritsu analogue IR/R tester, a Fluke DMM, a LEM (later purchased by FLuke) clamp meter with scope function and a smaller clamp meter for appliance leakage testing. All are great at what they do for the price that they cost me.