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Posted By Topic: Hot heated towel rails

Mar 30 2018 09:26

I have 3 newtec heated towel rails and expressed my concern on how hot these one are I have build many homes and never a prior complaint. I had the newtec rep out to check how hot these get. One was 61deg, one 64degs the last one 70 degrees given that hot water can not exceed 55 degrees by regulation surely these are excessive. Rep said no!!! So it’s ok to give your small child 3rd degree burns I said. Your thoughts.

Mar 30 2018 10:11

Heated towel rails are required to be made to a standard which detail the maximum surface temperature of the heated parts in normal operation.

I don\'t have a copy of the correct standard for heated towel rails, but surface tempatures of around 50 to 60 degres would be likely to be specified by the correct standard.

Mar 30 2018 10:46

dsc short timers have a function to cut the heat output if that may be an option