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Posted By Topic: Batter holder on top plate next to building paper

Apr 02 2018 14:24


This might be a stupid question but do people install batten holders on some timber above the top plate close to building paper? Just wondering because I’ve had someone ask me to install them there out of the way in a outside shed. The lamp won’t be touching the paper but about 50mm away? I read in the regs but it seems excessive?


Apr 02 2018 20:20

Being a bit pedantic about things.
You did not read in the Regs, it is in AS/NZS3000:2007.

Before you get to there is also to consider, especially the explanatory notes.

It might seem excessive to you but the clause exists for a good reason and not following the requirements of AS/NZS3000:2007 is not an acceptable option.
In the event that a large enough incandescent lamp is fitted to the batten holder and sets the building paper on fire you will be looked at very closely by Worksafe, EWRB and insurance companies lawyers.

Instead of battenholders it might be better to install LED
bulkheads. At least that way they can’t retrofit larger lamps after you leave the job.

Remember you have to certify the work that you do and ticking the box that’s says it complies with Part 2 of AS/NZS3000:2007 and is safe to connect when you know it doesn’t will be the beginning of the problems.

Apr 02 2018 21:21

Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah I know it’s as/nzs 3000:2007, that’s just what I call it. I probably should of read it before I posted.

Yeah that makes sense i always follow the rules and don’t cut corners, I just wanted a second opinion to see how people see the situation. I’ve seen it done before but I’ve never done it myself.

That’s a good idea about the led bulkheads.I did think about that but the client suggested batten holders so I thought I’d ask. Im going to let them know I will be installing led’s instead.

Thanks again for replying


Apr 03 2018 09:47

Important to note the wording in heading of table 4.2: \"illuminated flammable materials\".

That means generally fitting even a very basic lampshade can mean that whatever the lampholder is mounted on is not \"illuminated\" and so not subjected to direct radiant heat from the lamp.
Not going to help with a batten holder \"upside down\" on the top plate - but shouldn\'t be doing that anyway since it means the contacts would be very accessible. requirtes not less than 1.8 m above the \"ground, floor, or platform\", or a guard, or being inside a luminaire.