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Posted By Topic: New Rules Webinar

Apr 02 2018 21:20

Just in case you have not seen it. This is the oz version. Gives you an idea of what you will be looking forward to.

Apr 03 2018 06:58

Recommended RCD\'s for 3 phase motors up to 32A

That\'s going to add some coin to the cost of jobs.


Apr 03 2018 08:12

ShaneR Apr 03 2018 06:58
Your comment

Recommended RCD\'s for 3 phase motors up to 32A

That\'s going to add some coin to the cost of jobs.

My comment

Be very careful to read the start of the RCD use clauses when reading AS/NZS 3000:2018, some of the clauses are In Australia only, \'\'\'\'; the above clause is an example.

In the area of the use of RCDs read only the unmarked RCD clause (which means it applies in AU and NZ) and the \"In New Zealand only, ...\" clauses; to assist there are margin boxes indicating AU or NZ use only.


Apr 03 2018 08:41

I just watched the video

I think the AU vs NZ is just dumb

We all know at some point we will be moving to full RCD\'s. Just have one set of rules and just get on with it.

I remember when I was training AU had RCD\'s and NZ did not. For some reason we thought we were smarter because we didn\'t use RCD\'s (false tripping etc). Just dumb.

Apr 03 2018 09:56

Quite a lot of that presentation is \"Oz-only\" stuff. None of the NZ-only is included, because it\'s been done for an Ozzy audience. And a lot has been left out.

There are a lot of reasons for NZ-only and Oz-only clauses, and part of it is that extra costs have to be justified - to different governments. Some of it does seem silly, even ridiculous (like them using shorter earth electrodes in a generally drier country); but just have to accept that the two countries are unlikely to be completely aligned anytime soon.

On RCDs, Oz requires them in more situations than NZ does, but only requires a lesser-performance Type of RCD (Type AC). Both countries are moving towards more RCDs being required. But with new edition Oz will still require them in more places, and we\'ll still require Type A or better.