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Posted By Topic: As an Inspector who ignores this rule

Apr 03 2018 17:32

I find myself all the time being challenged on this rule. U turn up to a standard caravan Inspection, customer is keen to upgrade the horrible old style swbd and install a rcd. Because I\'m a inspector I can\'t do the work and then certify it.

It\'s offensive that as an electrician I can do literally anything I like and certify my own work but as an inspector I can\'t do some basic upgrades, what am I supposed to do, like most inspectors I assume they quietly ignore the rules and do it anyway.


Apr 03 2018 19:00

i find it annoying that i have to get a main earth inspected, they\'re not encouraging people to upgrade them with this requiring an inspection...

Apr 03 2018 19:09

As an inspector you can do the upgrade on the caravan and issue the WOEF in good faith because you are allowed certify this work under

ESR 78 (1) (c): 78 Issue of warrants of electrical fitness for connectable installations
(1) The following people may issue warrants of electrical fitness for connectable installations:
(c)in relation to a connectable installation that has been certified under regulation 66, the person who did the certification (and, to avoid doubt, the warrant may be issued at the same time that the certification is done).

always get a other inspector to inspect any high risk work that has been done by me.

Apr 03 2018 19:10

*ignore that \"in good faith\" part...... was typing while having a conversation with someone else......

Apr 03 2018 20:08

Nothing stopping you doing the upgrade and issuing the woef.
Caravans are not high risk and you are only doing a periodic verification of the connectable installation.

You might be the Inspector but you are only doing an inspection not an Inspection.

As far as earth electrodes go, if you are just replacing an old one that has rusted of then it is a repair and does not require inspection.
Only becomes high risk if you create a new main earthing electrode where there wasn’t one before. Then it is installation and high risk.

Apr 03 2018 20:23

Thanks for those replies actually that does help clarify I need another look at ER 78. I may not of been clear, my intention is to do a woef, but always take opportunities to upgrade board because I believe it is much safer. And at the end of the day not that expensive either.

Apr 03 2018 23:35

carrying out periodic verification for issue of a WoEF does require (with a couple of extremely rare exceptions) an \"Inspector\" PL. But - as sarmajor said - it is not \"inspection\". In fact, it\'s not even PEW. Aparet from the PL required, there is absolutely no relationship between periodic verification, and \"inspection of PEW\". And it\'s \"inspection of PEW that is restricted to only PEW not carried out, or certified, by the \"inspector\".