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Posted By Topic: Switches

Apr 06 2018 08:34

The cover can be removed without the use of a tool.

So they can\'t be legal now. But do they have to be replaced?

There\'s also older versions of the same type of switch with a screw off cover. And older switches with exposed screws on the front as well.

If the old PDL socket outlets with the rivets on the front are \"illegal\", then surely those old switches with exposed screws must be as well?

Apr 06 2018 10:09

ESR 113 says they can remain in service.
And ESR 59(3)(b) says they can be replaced with same type.

Same for the ones with brass covers, and old sockets with rivets; though could be argued that they are \"electrically unsafe\" in which case ESR 113 would not let them remain.

Also all the old cover plates held on by \"thumbscrews\"; no tool required for access to live parts.

But can remain in service, and be replaced with similar.

Apr 06 2018 11:14

Thanks Alec.

Apr 07 2018 06:24

pdl sold a tool for the old thumbscrews...

Apr 07 2018 15:27

Indeed, some can\'t be removed without a tool!

Apr 08 2018 08:22

Yes, I have one of those tools (also holds a tap for re-doing threads). But those aren\'t the \"old\" thumbscrews, they are the \"new\" version, used 1960s & 70s. The earlier version had no facets, just tiny ridges so your fingers could (maybe) get a grip.

Apr 09 2018 22:11

You mean these switches...

Apr 10 2018 09:28

Showing your age now Brian :-)

Apr 10 2018 10:24

I\'ve got some new cover plates