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Posted By Topic: relocated spray booth

Apr 06 2018 16:45

Hi all
Does an older spray booth that is being relocated have to come up to today's standard or can I use the older version of 4114? I'm inclined to say new but would like some input please. Thanks

Apr 06 2018 16:58

I'm not sure how anyone could justify using the old standard in this situation...

Apr 06 2018 18:37

like a house that has been relocated it needs to be brought up to the current standards, it is treated like a new installation

Apr 06 2018 20:29

Best to ask the Location Test Certifier

Apr 07 2018 20:12

Not so for houses at least not according to the ESS back in 2015. This was the subject of one of their Business Updates. I am unable to locate it now that they have killed off most of their web site.

Someone may have a old copy in their email inbox.