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Posted By Topic: AS/NZS:4701Commercial Equivalent

Apr 08 2018 08:21

Thanks in advance for your help. I understand that AS/NZS:4701 deals with requirements for the resale of Domestic, but is there an equivalent for Commercial electrical equipment? I have some second hand industrial equipment which I wish to sell and seek to comply with any regs.

Apr 08 2018 08:30

\"4701\" isn\'t about checking anything for resale, that would be \"5761\", and it is not restricted to just domestic.

The re is no specific requirement to inspect & test to \"5761\" but there is a requirement that used appliances be electrically safe when sold; and inspection & testing i.a.w \"5761 gets the item to \'deemed safe [ESR 80]

Apr 08 2018 08:36

I have an answer to my question which still doesn\'t give me the information I require. My mistake, so I\'ll invert this question then and ask, \" I am a non-electrician selling a 3 phase motor removed from an existing commercial installation. I wish to comply with regulations (and do not have access to the Standards, BTW) What would you recommend I do? Sell \"AS IS\"? Label the motor in some manner? Disable by cutting the supply cord?

Apr 08 2018 10:42

if its got a plug on tag it, if it hasn\'t, you cart tag it so no issue

Apr 08 2018 13:38

Thanks SJoe. Makes perfect sense to me. We\'re getting there. Can I please have guidance on where to go to see a tag, or the regulations relating to the tag. A novice question I know but as I said I am not a sparky and don\'t have access to the standards. Imagine a new apprentice and expect him want detailed instructions - that\'s what I need, please.

Apr 08 2018 14:59

what you need (or rather who) is an electrician, who will have the test equipment, and the Standard(s), and so will be able to either ensure electrically safe, or disable & label.

Sorry but this is not something you can do for yourself.