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Posted By Topic: Switchboard in Toilet

Apr 08 2018 21:39

Just seen plans for a house that is going to be built and owner/builder has put the switchboard in the toilet. Single toilet with small hand basin. Door is a cavity slider that will slide parallel with the side of the toilet that is to the left and the switchboard is directly ahead when the cavity sider is fully opened. Hand basin will be slightly to the right of the doorway, so nothing will be directly below the switchboard. Reading through 2.9.2 and don\'t see anything strictly prohibiting it being there. Maybe effects of moisture when washing hands? will have to check unimepeded access of 0.6m. But apart from that, I don\'t see any issues. Thoughts?

Apr 08 2018 22:15

Access is going to be the only problem with a switchboard in a toilet. Unless it has a truly massive sink.
Unlikely to be effects of moisture from hand washing activities.