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Posted By Topic: Lighting connected to power circuits.

Apr 11 2018 22:24

I found a house wired in 2003 where there are no lighting mcbs at the Dist board. There are 4 x 20amp mcb that protect both power and lighting circuits. The 1mm lighting circuits are connected to 2.5 power circuits. There are no 1mm cables in the Dist board and only one wire from each 20 amp mcb. I contacted the person responsible for wiring it and have been told that it was acceptable at the time and they wired more than 50 houses this way. The installation passed an inspected at that time. I don\'t remember ever seeing this method of wiring houses.

Apr 12 2018 00:03

Not enough info to be certain, but it very likely complied when installed and also could be installed same way now.
Not something that is subject to inspection.


Apr 12 2018 12:14

Yuck. I don\'t want anything to do with this system.