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Posted By Topic: Protection by barriers and enclosures.

Apr 11 2018 22:56

I have a situation where access to live parts (rear face of a GPO) becomes possible after the removal of a fixed in place microwave.

The microwave is mounted inside cabinetry in a kitchen, the GPO is on the surface of the rear wall of the cabinet. Without the microwave fitted there is a gap at the bottom of the rear wall which a person can put there hand under and then reach up which allows them to touch the terminals of the GPO.

Does an appliance constitute an enclosure or barrier if a tool is required to remove it?

I\'m not happy with the set up as I anticipate the microwave will eventually need replacing.

Apr 12 2018 09:45

Put a blank plate over the hole. Easy as that.

Apr 12 2018 12:16

Or possibly a Clipsal 90B

Apr 12 2018 12:37

If the hole for the socket outlet is big enough you could fit an ezy-fix flush box into it. It’s reasonably closed up so it would help protect from fingers getting in to live parts.

Having said that though the ezy-fix boxes are not the easiest things to use. The springs and nuts fly out into the wall cavity and can be a nuisance.