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Posted By Topic: 30 year old boat

Apr 12 2018 18:48

Anyone know what was the current standards/regs at the time this vessel whould have been built.
and there location?



Apr 12 2018 21:25

ECP 29 (issued 1993)would have a document in use at that time.

Prior to 1993 there very little requirements on the Electrical Wiring Rules in use at that time.

However, ESR 2010 reg. 78 (2) (a) requires full compliance with AS/NZS 3004.2 for the issue of a WoEF. So ECP 29 is of little use.

Apr 13 2018 12:31

Note that ESRs reg 78 does not specify the version of 3004 to be used. I believe it would be appropriate to use the version that was current at the time the boat was constructed and issued its first woef.

There is a good check list in the back of the current version of 3004.

Apr 13 2018 13:00

When using the ESR 2010, the issue of AS/NZS 3004 that applies in Reg 78 will be the issue specified in schedule 2 of ESR 2010.

Apr 13 2018 14:44

yes, but NOT the entire Standard. ESR 78 requires issue of WoEF to be in accordance with \"3004.2\" (ie the 2008 edition with no amendments). In the Standard, section 10 covers verification, and for periodic verification the reference [clause 11.1] is Appendix C.
Some items in Appendix C refer back to particular clauses in the main body of the document.

Apr 20 2018 09:51

Thanks guys i will take a look.