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Posted By Topic: Double horo socket mounted vert

Apr 16 2018 08:59

I know it\'s not good practice but is there a reg governing mounting sockets in the wrong direction?

Apr 16 2018 09:01


Apr 16 2018 16:44

It used to be that as long as there was a splash of colour on the switch mech to indicate the switch was on then it was acceptable, but that was along time ago!!

Apr 16 2018 19:03

ESR 2010 61A

Apr 16 2018 19:08

relevant in other ways, but doesn\'t deal with the OP

Apr 16 2018 19:38

\"the earth-continuity conductor is connected to the slot on the radial line;\"

I thought this meant that the socket had to be vertical?

Apr 16 2018 19:45

A radial can be any direction. It just means that it\'s the line coming from the centre of the circle.

Apr 16 2018 20:16


So I could turn them all upside down if I wished?

Apr 17 2018 10:17

Not good practice to mount a horizontal socket vertically. The design of the earth pin and it\'s location when the socket is mounted correctly means that if the plug is partially pulled out and pushed down (happens sometimes when leads are disturbed or too short) that the earth pin on the plug is still in contact with the earth point of the socket after active and neutral are not. Meaning that the equipment or appliance is still earthed rather than the other way around. The pin is also stronger in the vertical plain than when it is in the horizontal, when pushed or pulled downwards. Now someone is going to say \"what about couplers on extension leads\"