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Posted By Topic: COV

Apr 16 2018 20:15

I’m an electrician that needs to issue a COV for a property that has been disconnected for a couple of years.

Anyone know of anywhere I could get a hold of a good COV form?

Had a look at the ewrb website but the form is confusing as it seems to imply electrical inspector has to fill out COV if property has been disconnected for more than 6 months. (See attached pic)


Apr 16 2018 20:17

Here’s the link to the crappy EWRB form FYI for what it’s worth - the photo above is about as clear as mud.

Apr 16 2018 22:07

It\'s in the back of 3019

Apr 17 2018 08:11

In my view the Board\'s form is useless for any of its multiple intended purposes.

Way better to make your own, based on the words of ESR 74(2)

Apr 17 2018 20:13

Thanks guys...will go with the one back of 3019 - not enough time to make up my own one - cheers!

Apr 17 2018 20:22

It lists 3 different sort of inspections - am I right in thinking only basic visual inspection is required for a premise disconnected for more than 6 months?


Apr 17 2018 20:35

Reg 74 requires inspection in accordance with Section 3 of AS/NZS3019.
Section 3 of AS/NZS3019 is titled
SECTION 3 Verification by basic visual inspection.

Strange but true. A basic visual is the minimum that is required.
When you read section 3 there are quite a few things to have a look at and depending on what you find there could be some work in it.

Be aware that some Authority’s will not accept a CIV unless it is done by an Inspector. They are wrong but hold all the cards.

Apr 17 2018 21:59

Thanks Samajor - I’ll write that reg reference into my COV - cheers

Apr 18 2018 09:51

The key thing is to ensure that the form doesn\'t have wording on in implying you need to be an inspector when you don\'t. That way at least you\'ll only get pulled up by people who are wrong and can be demonstrated to be wrong, and by Network people where the network rules are more onerous than the legal requirements

Apr 18 2018 10:15

Would be interesting to see a test case to see whether a network is legally entitled to \"require\" more than the ESRs do in this regard.
Just needs a customer with time & energy to make the challenge. Maybe a lawyer?

Mostly this stuff isn\'t based on anything beyond the network / retailer concerned not actually knowing what the ESRs say, and believing that - a quarter-century after they stopped being \"Supply Authorities\" they can still make up their own rules and then abuse their monopoly status to enforce them (the Commerce Commission would probably take a dim view on that aspect).

Apr 18 2018 10:47

I seem to remember that there was an early version of the form that implied that an inspector was required?

Even now, 3019 states in Appendix A:
\"The intended purpose of the verification report should be identified, together with the recipient\'s and inspector\'s details in the appropriate boxes\"

Apr 18 2018 11:16

Yeah I\'m not sure how many networks would even have the requirement for an inspector included anywhere in their contract for supply (directly or indirectly) rather than just an internal process or an entitled individual inspector, let alone whether it would hold up to a challenge for abusing their monopoly.

The trouble with the old form and current appendix notes in 3019 is that an inspector was required prior to 2010, and the last update to 3019 was before that change.

Apr 18 2018 11:23

So they\'re only 8 years behind on that particular Reg.

Even the term \"CoV\" is out of date (though still handy).