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Posted By Topic: Aircon - powerpoint looping

Apr 19 2018 13:23

Hey Team,
Feeling like a dummy, learning new things, mainly problems solving, while now running my own electrical business.

So thought i would get your guys opinion as i already have been given 3x of others.

2x opinions - loop off existing power point inside for outdoor inverter for heat pump

1x opinion - illegal, needs to go back to switchbaord.

Now, i dont agree with the illegal part, but i always myself, have run back aircon units to the board just for the load to be seperate from anything.

The reason im asking, powerpoint literally back to back with inverter or run back where the board is, through a concrete wall and would be running conduit 15m across house.

House is two storeys, no under house space so conduit is really only option.

What would your guys opinion be?

Apr 19 2018 13:31

It\'s not illegal as long as the circuit is suitably rated.

The instructions for the unit might indicate that they prefer a dedicated circuit though.

There is a AS/NZS3000 Part 1 clause that states that you must follow manufacturers instructions. However apparently in NZ we are immune from Part 1, unless we are working to a certified design.

Someone else will explain it better than I have ;)


Apr 19 2018 14:17

I was thinking the \'illegal\' opinion was more like a scare tactic for unknowing customers. I was thinking, as long as cable is rated should be fine but then what else are they going to be plugging in as well.

Apr 19 2018 19:12

Most important to assess full potential load of the circuit before and after the heat pump is fitted. Bad practice is to use a kitchen circuit as doomed to failure. Also maybe have to derate the existing cable if insulation hadnt been allowed for

Apr 19 2018 19:58

\'The instructions for the unit might indicate that they prefer a dedicated circuit though\', that sounds like a definite maybe to me...


Apr 21 2018 08:32

If the MI states a dedicated circuit, which a lot of them do, I’d go with that. If the unit has a warranty issue, it could be voided if not installed properly.

Apr 21 2018 16:57

Thanks team. Il re read manufacturers instructions and see what it says, although best practice, in my opinion, dedicated feed from board to unit.