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Posted By Topic: Earthing of Steel frame of tiny house

Apr 22 2018 16:52

I am wiring a steel framed tiny house with corugated iron exterior, the framing is bolted together. I see the reg says .5 ohm throughout is ok but I\'m wanting to probably run a few more earthing wires around, thats a lot of exposed metal in close proximity to TPS cables. Anyone had experience in this area?

Apr 22 2018 17:19

You need to consider how you are going to protect TPS cables going through holes in thersteel framing to the electrical fittings.

I would not expect that if you provided good protection on holes in the steel framing that cables pass through you will have any problems.

The earthing of the steel framework is a protection if a cable breaks down to the earth frame.

Normal TPS cables running adjacent to steel framing may need to be supported in a simular manner as for a wood framed building.

Apr 22 2018 17:49

What they do in Australia, is have a 2.5mm2 earth wire tail with a lug, screwed to the metal frame at every point with the TPS\'s. That way there are multiple earths to the frame.


Apr 22 2018 18:35

Thanks Doug thats a great idea and harks back to the old method behind every exterior light fitting on a corrugated iron clad house.I will definitely do that