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Posted By Topic: Further training

Apr 22 2018 19:15

Hello - I have recently qualified and am keen to continue upskilling. My employer has offered to pay for courses if they relate to the type of work that we do. I am working doing mainly industrial installation. Unfortunately we do not do any PLC work so a course related to that is off the table.
I was looking at a hazardous areas course, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

Feb 08 2020 12:32

It's a shame no others have commented as this is a real advantage. depending on where you are why not go advanced trade which will take you to level 6. Contact your Local Poly and ask about the level 5 & 6 offered.

Good question though.

Feb 10 2020 08:41

Unfortunately there's not much available as the Level 5 qualification (old advanced trade replacement) has been killed off and is in close-out phase. It'll probably be replaced with someting else eventually.

All that's really possible is to get your inspector licence and complete industry specific training course like PLC and Explosive Atmospheres, etc.

Feb 10 2020 08:42

If you're near a larger Polytech there is also the option of the NZDE (Electrical) but that's a two year full-time commitment.