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Posted By Topic: Motorized blinds

Apr 23 2018 13:43

If a house is to have 30 motorized blinds installed, is it mandatory to have an isolating switch at each blind location?

Apr 23 2018 16:10

4.13 is the appropriate clause for motors.
I\'d expect the motors would be very small. If under 150 VA, then (under Exception 2)isolation switch for mechanical maintenance [item] is not rrequired... but (a) & (b) still have ti bve provided

Apr 23 2018 18:04

The circuit breaker can provide isolation.

I recently installed two motorised awning on my house and installed a single functional switch that turns the power off to both of them them. (Just in case the controllers have a fit while we are not at home) The circuit breaker on the circuit will be used if they ever need isolation to be worked on.

The motors are small enough that they do not require overload protection and are incorporated into a item that may comply with a appropriate standard.

Apr 30 2018 23:00

I was called into troubleshoot some fancy blinds that operated off a remote control. Turned out the blind needed to be re-taught. The process for this required a power cycle then a button press on the remote. Unfortunately the blinds were all looped on the same circuit breaker. To cycle just one blind I had to jury rig a switch next to the blind. Made me think that each one should have had a discrete functional switch.