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Posted By Topic: DC powered Heat pumps

Apr 23 2018 23:16

Does anyone know if you could buy 48V DC powered heat pumps in New Zealand or Australia?


Apr 24 2018 10:48

technically yes, because you can get peltier cooling units that are a form of solid-state heat pump, but their COP is less than 1.
What do you actually want to do with it? What heating/cooling power do you want?

Apr 24 2018 14:13

I know that there’s 74vdc units available for locomotives and I a google search shows 48vdc units available.
Probably not quite as efficient but a 48-230vac inverter.


Apr 26 2018 20:20

Thanks for the replies guys. It is for a research project. I\'ve seen them on google mostly from US suppliers, but didn\'t find anyone selling them in NZ.