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Posted By Topic: laser line thingamy

Apr 26 2018 18:28

looking at getting one of those laser line tools to plot downlights etc,
are they worthwhile, and what model do sparkies tend to use, and why that is their model of choice??

Apr 26 2018 18:41

They make life really easy when your wanting lights or anything for that matter in a straight line. Towel rail mounts, banks of fluorescent fittings. Also good when your plotting your positions out to miss battens and trusses in new builds. Running conduit vertically or horizontally. Heaps of other uses. I think Dewalt have the best at the moment and for a decent price.

Apr 26 2018 19:38

Something like the Dewalt crossline is all you need for indoor stuff.
Once you have one, you\'ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

For example with downlights, you set it at the end of the room. Standing on the floor, you can easily measure off the wall to check that it\'s parallel. The red laser shows up well on a yellow tape measure.
Then you know your line on the ceiling is parallel with the wall.

Absolutist amazing for rows of batten LEDs. Line it up with your cable holes, and then hang the LEDs with the laser line through the centre holes. Prefect every time.

There\'s various brands with similar crossline models.

If you need to use outside with a detector, it might be a more expensive model.

Apr 26 2018 19:46

A plumb line feature that puts a dot on the floor and the ceiling is also useful. Id work out where my lights were going mark the slab and drill a 10mm deep hole with a masonry bit. Then when the gib is up you can use the plumb feature to transfer the mark onto the ceiling and mark the centre of your cut out. Just get there before the tiler or lino guy. Dewalt do one with a cross line and plumb line feature last time I looked. The new ones with green lasers are stronger than the red lasers. Personally I use a Lufkin that you can mount on a tripod.

Apr 27 2018 21:01

Just bought a Bosch green cross line laser.

After 40 years of using a slowly failing eyeometer, and lots of string, its gotta be the best thing since sliced bread in my book.

The green laser shows up really well on all backgrounds, whereas a red laser can sometimes fade into backgrounds.

Throws a line on a ceiling up to 15 metres, and the cross line, coupled with a camera tripod, is really good for lining up bracket lights on a wall.

Probably the best thing ive bought since the last box of beer.

Apr 28 2018 12:44

I brought a DeWalt Cross Line with plumb line (green laser beams) kit. I also have a tripod stand for it but you can hang the bracket almost anyway.
I have used the plumb line feature a number of times. Its easy to use you just press the buttons to select the line or lines (ie vert and horizontal and plumb spot). The laser line(s) flashes for about 3seconds to tell you if the line(s) are not level.
I would personally shop around to see who is offering the best deal. The battery on the DeWalt laser was not the standard 18V battery so even if you have DeWalt battery tools there is no advantage.

Apr 28 2018 20:26

i ended up buying a laser measureing tool, not much larger than a 9volt battery, 9meter limit, $32.55 from mitre ten once you invoke their 15% cheaper if you find a better price.
I think ergonomically that will be what i want at the moment