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Posted By Topic: EWRB checking COCs

Apr 26 2018 20:01

Apparently they have noticed that a lot of COCs don\'t have the \"type of supply system\" on them.

I think they are looking for \"230V MEN\" or \"400V 3P MEN\" or similar to be written on the form.


Apr 26 2018 20:15

Well, if you use the forms that they provide, then any shortcomings are their issue, not ours. EWRB have been told from the beginning of the new forms that they dont comply with the published requirements.

Apr 26 2018 20:38

Given that there are regulations governing systems of supply that are very prescriptive and have very few exceptions it could almost universally be assumed that the system of supply was MEN. The voltage is also fixed by regulations for almost all installations.

However it is a required item of information for a COC (Reg 67(1)(e).

I don’t understand why most of the COC’s offered for sale still have crap on them like number of ranges, hot water cylinders, power points and light.
It was a power board imposed thing and they have been gone for long enough.

Apr 26 2018 21:12

I haven\'t really been taking much notice... Are we allowed to use something other than our MEN (~TNC-S) system?

But on the EWRB COC form, it does say \"Description of work: (including date/s of work and type of supply system)\"

Apr 26 2018 21:23

Other systems of supply may be closer than you think!

That means many will have to complete their learning and knowlodge of the TN-C-S (MEN) system of supply, before another system of supply is introduced.

What a good referesher course material that would be instead of the old tried material which has been used for the last 10 years!

Apr 27 2018 09:00

Being pedantic; that would be new material, so not a \"refresher\".
Of course officially we don\'t actually have \"refresher\" training; just training in the subject matter specified by EWRB. The required content hasn\'t changed significantly in a long time, yet it\'s amazing how few people know & understand those basic topics. So perhaps part of the problem is that the trainers are concentrating on passing on their opinions / pet topics, instead of doing confirming that we are \"competent\" according to the requirements of the EWRB.

it will be interesting to see how quickly - or otherwise - EWRB react to any other supply systems being approved for wider use in NZ. Their history doesn\'t lead to optimism; I\'d expect a 2 - 3 year delay.