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Posted By Topic: Clipsal Iconic series opinions

Apr 28 2018 17:54


After opinions on the clipsal iconic range? I\'m thinking of putting these my a new house to change up the look a little.

- Button feel
- Look
- Installation
- Other opinions


Apr 28 2018 22:29

I don\'t know the full range, but the one we installed had a matte white finish (switch and cover plate). Shows up marks really easy and looks grubby very quickly. I don\'t recommend. A shame because style wise they look quite good.

Apr 29 2018 09:58

I agree, after a month they\'re starting to look grubby, easy to clean though. Apart from that they work good and the price is reasonable.

Apr 29 2018 15:09

Just my 2c…
Looks wise, they look good from the front, but I am not a fan of the translucent edge – I can see what they were trying to do but to me it looks too plastic-y. They can get a little grubby especially the white, but they are easy to clean. I prefer the cool grey colour which doesn’t have this issue so much and, in my opinion, looks better in most instances.
I am a big fan of excel life so I started not wanting to like it, but the range is cohesive & well thought through from top to bottom. It’s pretty clear they gave up on 600 series a while ago and so it’s cool that they now have something that gives excel life a run for its money in terms of versatility. There are a couple of nice extras that I haven’t seen in other ranges but the functionality of the dimmers with BLE is off the chain.
Also just a small hint if you go with iconic is that it is often cheaper to buy the grids and skins separately.


Apr 29 2018 19:50

Enjoy cleaning your switches every week

May 01 2018 10:10

I\'ve been told if a new build is being kitted out with iconic then you must install the new PDL flush boxes. They\'re wider than the older ones. So not sure if you can use iconic in any old flush box.

May 02 2018 21:15

Are they Schneider branded flush boxes or PDL ones?

May 02 2018 22:27

My supplier showing it as PDL144 MT \"NEW\"