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Posted By Topic: Remote Control for Power Point

Apr 30 2018 09:50

I have a small dust extractor in my small home workshop that I would like to turn on/off with a remote control similar to the Arlec Remote Control Power Outlet at Bunnings (rated 10A 2400W).

The dust extractor (Scheppach HA1000) is rated: 1.1kW/1100W/1.5HP/240V and has a factory mounted 10A plug.

Would a remote similar to the Arlec one above be suitable for infrequent use with my dust extractor? Thanks in advance for any replies.


Apr 30 2018 21:08

Ask at Bunnings. Then if it fails you can take it back with confidence.

May 01 2018 21:41

Thanks, mowgli. I have since written Arlec directly for an answer.

May 02 2018 13:38

UPDATE: I received a reply from Arlec. They said their remote should work just fine.