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Posted By Topic: Flexible (Premade Extension lead) cable

Apr 30 2018 17:21

Hi there Ron, really appreciate this website , I am trying to clarify whether an extension cord (mains) can be used between a TV and outlet and placed in trunking/capping with other ie RG6 / Cat5e cables, I see this semi regularly especially with projectors - cheers in advance Bob

Apr 30 2018 20:53

Wiring rules says that\'s fine. Need to consider the length over which the cables are parallel and any induced interference.

May 01 2018 08:12

Are you concerned with induced voltage in data cabling Bob? or possible overheating of extension leads insulation because its enclosed and maybe unable to dissipate heat caused by current flow?

Have seen plenty of this type of setup, and yet to see any sign of damage to extension lead.